How a video game company uses Space Content Manager to speed up script writing in Confluence

A client of ours uses Confluence to write video games scripts.

A key to getting scripts approved faster is limiting confusion. They use Space Content Manager, our suite of bulk content editing tools, to ensure text updates are done right across a space.

Here is how they use some of the tools.

Find and Replace

The name of a central character changes. It has been written hundreds of times on dozens of pages. The space administrator uses find and replace to update the name.



The label ‘intro’ was created. But ‘introduction’ already existed. Users are now using both. The space administrator needs to cut all the uses of ‘intro’. To do so they use the label editor to merge all ‘intro’ labels to the label ‘introduction’. After the label ‘intro’ no longer shows as an option when adding labels.


Space Content Manager to speed up script writing in Confluence2

Title prefix/suffix

Chapter 1 has now been finalized, yet there is confusion as to which pages are for chapter 1 and which are for future chapters. The space admin adds a prefix ‘Chapter 1:’ to all the related pages.

Link Editor

When a user pastes in a link, Confluence turns it into a smart link. Game developers want to see the full URL for all links. The space administrator can bulk turn display inline links to display URL to show the full URL.

Link Editor for Confluence by Easy Apps

Confluence spaces are open. This collaboration brings productively benefits. Yet open spaces have administrators for a reason, they need some TLC (tender loving care).

Space Content Manager empowers users, in particular space administrators, with tools to improve Confluence content quality. A boast to team productivity.

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